Terms & Conditions

Please note that entry to Lingfield Park Resort is at all times subject to our terms & conditions of entry, a copy of which can be downloaded below.

Download Terms and Conditions of Entry (pdf, 92KB)

Download Special Terms and Conditions of Entry (pdf, 141KB)

Download Tattersalls Rules on betting (pdf, 116KB)

Photography on course

Professional filming and photography takes place here at Lingfield Park Resort for various publications and broadcasting and race goers (including families) consent to being filmed, photographed and otherwise recorded by Lingfield Park Resort (LPR) or any third party authorised by LPR. You grant LPR and any third party authorised by LPR the right to broadcast, publish, licence and use any photographs, film, recordings or images of you without payment or other compensation in any promotional literature produced by LPR.. Please call 01342 834800 for more details.



Social Terms and Conditions

We want You to enjoy Your Event and therefore it is important that You fully understand what has been agreed. The Booking Form and these terms and conditions together form Our agreement with You. The Booking Form sets out all the details of the Event that You are booking. These terms and conditions set out the detail of issues such as payment arrangements, amendments, and what happens if You need to cancel. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. We have tried to make them easy to understand but We do understand that You may feel uncertain about reading a legal document. We assure You that Our staff are here to help and will be more than happy to assist You with any query You may have. To make the terms and conditions easy to understand We have explained some of the words. If a word begins with a capital letter then this means the word has been defined in the last section of these terms and conditions which has the heading “Explanations”.

1. Confirmations and Guest Numbers

1.1 All bookings are provisional until the relevant Agreement (signed by You) is countersigned by Us and dated. We will provide to You a copy of the Agreement once it has been countersigned by Us. Once both of Us have signed the Agreement, a legally binding contract will have been made, with the effect that We are committed to provide You with the function rooms and facilities set out in the Booking Form, and You are committed to pay Us for those facilities.

1.2 The Booking Form sets out all the details of the Event, including for example, the price, the function rooms which will be used, the duration of the Event, the Minimum Number and Expected Number attending. These details are obviously important and are used for calculating the price. If there is a change to these details, the price may also change. It is therefore important to follow the process set out below.

1.3 Between making the booking and the actual date of the Event, it is likely that You will want to make changes to some of the details. We will try to accommodate any reasonable request, but please note that sometimes We are restricted by availability, legal or other operational reasons and that changes may be subject to agreeing a price change. Where We have agreed to make any changes We will confirm those changes and the agreed changes to the price of the Event to You in writing within 48 hours.

1.4 The final details of the Event (such as final timings, menus and special requests) need to be confirmed at least 10 working days before the Event. You must inform Us of the final number of guests You wish to be catered for at the Event at least 5 working days before the Event.

1.5 We may ask for details of the nature and agenda of the Event, names of guests and relevant third parties where it is reasonable for Us to do so.

2. Payment

2.1 Price
The price for the Event shall be calculated by reference to the price and duration stated on the Booking Form. The Minimum Number represents the minimum number of guests You guarantee will attend the Event. The Minimum Spend represents the minimum payment You will pay us for the Event. We have calculated Our charges on this basis. The amount payable by You will therefore be calculated according to the highest of (a) the Minimum Number/Spend or (b) the number of guests who actually attend the Event.

2.2 Payment
We will require payment of the entire known cost of the Event in advance in accordance with paragraph 2.3. Payment is due on presentation of invoice. Queries should be referred to Us within 7 days of the receipt of invoice. Unfortunately, no allowance or refund can be made for meals and other elements not taken within the agreed package rate. Payment must be made in Pounds Sterling (UK) payable to Us by cheque, BACS, bankers draft or credit card.

2.3 Deposits
By signing the Agreement We are guaranteeing to You the use of certain facilities and function rooms. We will be using Our own resources to organise Your Event. It is for this reason We need to take payment in advance, and is also why there are limits on Your ability to cancel the Event. You must pay the deposit payment(s) specified on the Booking Form. Should You fail to pay any deposit within 7 days of the due date, We may treat the Event as having been cancelled by You and:

2.3.1 We may set off any cancellation fees which become payable against the deposit;

2.3.2 if the deposit held by Us is greater than the amount of any cancellation fees payable, then the balance shall be refundable to You.

2.4 Extras
You shall pay Us for any food and beverages or other goods and/or services not provided for in the Agreement or otherwise in correspondence but made available upon Your request on the day of the Event. We find that normally the most convenient way of settling these charges is by using a credit card or debit card. If You want to use another form of payment please discuss it with Us in advance.

3. Cancellation by You

3.1 If You wish to cancel the Event or cancel the reservation of some or all bedrooms, such cancellations must be advised to Us in the first instance verbally, followed by written notice of cancellation. We will confirm to You in writing Your cancellation within 2 working days. We will then use reasonable endeavours to resell the facilities booked for the Event.

3.2 If You cancel an Event, We will charge a cancellation fee. This shall be equivalent to:

3.2.1 the loss of profit incurred by Us because Your Event has not proceeded (reduced by any profit We make using the same facilities); and

3.2.2 any charge incurred by Us in relation to Your Event which We cannot (having used reasonable efforts) avoid.

If the cancellation charge is less than the payments You have already made to Us then We will refund to You the difference within 30 days of the proposed date of the Event. If the cancellation charge is more than the payments You have already made then You will pay to Us the difference within 30 days of the proposed date of the Event.

3.3 We will refund to You all payments made and make no cancellation charge within 30 days of the proposed date for the Event if:

3.3.1 We are able to resell the facilities booked for the Event for an Event which will generate for Us the same level of profit that Your Event would have (by reference to the Minimum Charge); and

3.3.2 We have not incurred any costs (having used reasonable efforts to avoid such costs such as cancelling any entertainment).

As provided in paragraph 3.2, if following such efforts the profit level arising from reselling the facilities is lower than the level of profit that Your Event would have had, a corresponding adjustment will be made to a cancellation charge.

3.4 We may invoice You for any cancellation fees payable at any time after the cancellation. You shall pay such invoice on presentation of invoice.

4. Cancellation by Us

4.1 We may cancel the Event:

4.1.1 if the booking might prejudice Our reputation;

4.1.2 before countersignature of the Booking Form in accordance with paragraph 1.1;

4.1.3 if We become aware of any deterioration in Your financial situation such that We reasonably consider You may not be able to pay amounts due under the Agreement; or

4.1.4 You fail (despite reminders from Us) to pay any sum due under this Agreement.

4.2 As soon as We become aware of the need to cancel Your Event, We will contact You by phone followed by written confirmation setting out Our reasons for cancellation.

4.3 We may charge the cancellation fees provided in Condition 3 in the event of any cancellation under Condition 4.1.

4.4 where applicable, in the event of a Raceday being cancelled prior to the first trace of an Event the Company shall endeavour to offer a suitable alternative Event to the Client. If the Company cannot offer such alternative then a refund will be made after deduction of any costs and expenses related to the cancelled Event which the Company cannot reasonable avoid.

5. Changes by Us

5.1 Should it be necessary for reasons beyond Our reasonable control for Us to change the Event arrangements then You will have the choice of:

5.1.1 Alternative comparable facilities (if available) at no extra cost; or

5.1.2 Cancelling the Event (in which case You will receive a full refund of all payments made).

5.2 Other than as set out in paragraph 5.1 We cannot be held responsible for any failure or delay in providing facilities, services, food or beverages or any other part of the Event due to events outside Our reasonable control. We will tell You as soon as possible if We are affected by such an event.

6. Outside Services

6.1 Our prior consent must be obtained for any entertainment or services contracted for the Event by You, all of which must comply with any relevant statutory codes and regulations. It shall be Your responsibility to ensure that, where applicable, Performing Rights Society forms and Phonographic Performance Limited forms are completed by any band or musicians employed by You.

6.2 We are happy to assist You with all aspects of the Event. If You decide to use a third party supplier then please let Us know so that We can advise You of the health and safety, insurance, licensing, legal and other requirements that the supplier will need to comply with.

Please note that:

6.2.1 You are responsible for ensuring that third party suppliers comply with the requirements We notify You of. We maintain a right to approve (acting reasonably) arrangements made by You to comply with these requirements; and

6.2.2 You or Your suppliers may not fix items to walls, floors, and ceilings, or use any form of electrical or mechanical equipment, unless previously agreed in writing with Us.


7. Etiquette

7.1 We reserve the right to judge acceptable levels of noise or behaviour of You, Your guests, representatives or contractors (including, but not limited to, persons engaged by You to provide entertainment or other services). You must ensure compliance with Our directions as to noise or behaviour.

7.2 We reserve the right generally:

7.2.1 to exclude or eject any person from the Event if we reasonably consider such person to be objectionable on the grounds that person’s behaviour is, or could be reasonably anticipated to be:

(a) unlawful;

(b) a threat (actual or potential) to the safety or security of Our personnel or another guest;

(c) likely to or does result in damage to Our property or Our guests or personnel’s property;

(d) unruly;

(e) likely to be or is offensive to Our guests or personnel;

(f) likely to be or is contrary to the normal reasonable expected standards of behaviour at a hotel of Our reputation.

7.2.2 to terminate the Agreement and stop the Event without liability to any refund or compensation, if necessary to prevent or terminate unacceptable noise or behaviour.

8. Health and Safety

8.1 You must fully comply (and ensure the full compliance of Your sub-contractors, employees and guests) with Our health and safety policy, a copy of which is available on request from Us.

8.2 We may on occasion (where it is reasonable for Us to do so usually on grounds of security) need to search Your guests or Your suppliers’ belongings and their equipment. If We intend to do this We will, if possible, tell You in advance and We will comply with all laws in carrying out any searches.

9. Corkage Bookings are accepted on the basis that We will provide all catering and bar facilities (including food and drink). No wines, spirits, food or beverage may be brought into the Event or Our grounds by You or on Your behalf or any guests for consumption on the premises unless Our prior consent has been obtained, for which a charge may be made.

10. Punctuality
The Event must start and finish at the times specified in the Agreement. Changes to these times may not be possible unless previously agreed with Us


11. Guests’ Clothing and Personal Property
Cloakroom= facilities are provided for the convenience of clients and guests. We accept liability for Your property or that of Your guests arising from Our negligence. Our liability for property placed in Our custody shall be subject to an upper limit of £100. If any items of property placed in Our custody has a value in excess of £100 then We must be told so in advance. If We are not told in advance Our liability for that item is limited to £100.

12. Equipment Storage
We will assist You, where reasonably possible, with the storage of equipment etc, however, We accept liability for loss or damage to equipment, furniture, stock or the like, left in Our custody but subject to an upper limit of £200. If any items placed in Our custody have a value of over £200 then we must be told so in advance. If We are not told in advance Our liability for that item is limited to £200.

13. Our Liability

13.1 Subject to paragraph 5.3 We shall not be liable for any losses which were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of entering into the Agreement incurred as a result of Our failure to comply with this Agreement of Our negligence.

13.2 We shall be liable for death or personal injury resulting from Our negligence. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit that liability.

14. Horseracing Regulations

14.1 Clients shall not do or permit or suffer anything to be done which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Company or its other patrons. In particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing no bookmaking shall be undertaken by the Client or their guests at any time.

14.2 All persons visiting the Racecourse are admitted subject to Company Regulations and the rules of racing which are available on request. The Racecourse executive reserve the right to refuse admission or to remove from the Racecourse any person refusing to comply with the regulations or whose presence is a source of danger or annoyance to others.

15. Damage
You shall be responsible to Us for any damage caused to the allocated rooms or the furnishings, utensils and equipment therein or to Our premises generally by Your act, default or neglect or that of Your sub-contractors, employees or guests and shall pay to Us on demand the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.

16. General

16.1 Intellectual Property
You may not use Our (or members of Our group’s) trade marks or intellectual property without Our prior written consent.

16.2 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Where the Event takes place at a hotel located in England or Wales the Agreement shall be governed by English law, and where it is located in Scotland the Agreement shall be governed by Scottish law. The contract does not affect any Rights that the Client may have under the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956 where that Act applies. Any court proceedings must be taken at a court within the United Kingdom.

16.3 Third parties
Only You and Us have any rights under this Agreement. No other person shall have any rights under this Agreement.

16.4 Assignment
We may transfer the Agreement to any person or ask any person to fulfil any aspect of it so long as the performance of the Agreement is not affected. You may only transfer the Agreement with Our prior written consent which We shall not unreasonably withhold.

16.5 Admission Badges
All admission badges and car park passes will only be sent on receipt of full and final payment and in any event no sooner than 4 weeks before the Event.

16.6 Lost Badges
The Company cannot accept responsibility for any badges or car park passes once they have left the racecourse office. Full payment must be made for any replacement badges or car park passes issued.

16.7 Dress Code
Guests attending a Raceday are reminded that they are required to observe our dress code of Smart Casual.

16.8 Advertising
Hospitality facility users may not affix or display anything whatsoever outside the facility, or visible from outside the facility.

16.9 Amendments
The Company reserves the right to alter or re-allocate facilities without prior notice in order to better accommodate all bookings.

17 Complaints
Our objective is to ensure You are delighted with Your Event. Unfortunately, problems and misunderstandings do sometimes arise. If You are unhappy at any time with any aspect of the Event or its organisation please raise Your concerns with a member of Our staff as soon as possible. If the problem is not resolved to Your satisfaction then please contact your Event Manager. If You are still unhappy then please contact The General Manager who will arrange for one of Our senior managers to investigate and discuss this with You.

18 Explanations

18.1 “Booking Form” means the document containing all the Event details.

18.2 “Agreement” means the Booking Form and these terms and conditions.

18.3 “Event” means the event or function specified in the Agreement

18.4 “Expected Numbers” means the number of people that are stated in the Booking Form as expected to attend the Event.

18.5 “Minimum Charge” means the minimum price to be paid by the Client calculated by applying the price in the Booking Form to the Minimum Number/Spend.

18.6 “Minimum Number” means the lowest number of people irrespective of the numbers that attend the Event for which payment will be made as set out in the Booking Form.

18.7 “Minimum Spend” means the minimum payment for the Event due from the Client.

18.8 “We”, “Us”, “Our” means the Marriott hotel at which the facilities are booked, and/or any Marriott/Arena Leisure group company, as appropriate.

18.9 “You”, “Your” means the person, booking and paying for the Event.

18.10 “Raceday” means any day of the week when a race meeting takes place at Lingfield Park Racecourse.